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Organize Your Files Automatically–With AI

Sparkle uses AI to create a unique folder system and organize every new file (and all your old ones) into the right place. It manages your Downloads, Desktop, and Documents folders so you don't have to.

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You control which folders Sparkle organizes.

Select your Downloads, Desktop, and Documents folders.

sparkle UI

Sparkle creates three new subfolders.

Recents is where any files added to your Desktop, Downloads, or Documents folder go before being organized. Your Manual Library houses your pre-existing folders–add files and folders here that you don't want Sparkle to organize. Your AI Library organizes all your files going forward.

sparkle UI

Sparkle builds a custom folder structure based on how you work.

It’s good great at designing an organizational method that works specifically for you.

3 folders

Never organize again...

Simply save files to your Downloads, Desktop, and Documents folders—and let Sparkle organize them for you.

organized folder

Sparkle never opens, reads, or downloads your files. It uses file names to organize your life so you don’t have to.

We carefully chose AI models to ensure your information is used to do one thing, and one thing only—organize your computer.

A Product by Every

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